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Welcome to the Rail Victoria Downloads Station! Here you will find a variety of simulator content available to download for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy all available content, and remember to keep checking our site for updates on future projects which will appear here.


– PT> Livery Comeng For MSTS / Open Rails Now Available For Download

Coming Soon:

Epping Route Public Beta 3

MSTS Met and Teacup Comeng



Any one is able to download files from here. You do not need to login to download. To download simply go to the downloads page, then add the file or files you wish to download to your cart, then checkout. You will also be emailed a copy of your order. This email will include the download URL for each file you have added to your cart. You can re-download from the URL emailed to you as many times as you wish. If the URL does not work it might be because the file is deleted, all you need to do is to go to the downloads page and check to see if the file you want to download is still there. If it is then just add it to your cart again.



We encourage people to upload their content here to our downloads site. Our aim is to have a wide range of downloads available for many simulators. If you wish to upload a file you must read the following rules:

– The file must have been created by you

– If you have modified a file and wish to upload it you must have permission from the original owner

– The file must not contain any malware

– The file must not contain inappropriate images or videos

All files that are uploaded are checked by the RV Team. If your file breaks any of the rules above your account will be suspended.

In order to receive an uploader account we ask that you email forums@railvictoria.net. Once we have created your account we will notify you with the account details.

The RV Team hopes that you enjoy the content that we have for offer.